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general conditions for domestic transportation of passenger and baggage of shandong airlines co., ltd.

锛圵ith effect from dec. 25, 2019)


article 1 definition
article 2 applicability
article 3 tickets
article 4 fares, taxes and fees
article 5 reservations and purchase of tickets
article 6 check-in and boarding
article 7 change and endorsement of ticket
article 8 refusal and limitation of transportation
article 9 transportation of baggage
article 10 schedule, delays and cancellation of flights
article 11 overbooking
article 12 refunds
article 13 passenger services
article 14 behaviors on the aircraft
article 15 arrangements for additional services
article 16 administrative processes
article 17 successive carriers
article 18 liability for damage
article 19 time limits for complaints
article 20 other conditions
article 21 effectiveness and modification

article 1 - definition
as you read these conditions, please note that the definition of following terms:
1.1 "domestic air transportation" means air transportation in accordance with the contract of transportation, where the departure point, agreed stopping point and destination point of the transportation are within the territory of the people's republic of china (excluding hong kong sar, macao sar and taiwan, china).
1.2 鈥淲e, us, our鈥? means shandong airlines.
1.3 鈥淵ou, your鈥?means any person, except members of the crew, carried or to be carried in an aircraft pursuant to a ticket. (see also the definition for 鈥淧assenger鈥?.
1.4 "carrier" means the air carrier issuing the ticket and all air carriers that carry or undertake to carry the passenger and/or his/her baggage thereunder.
1.5 "airline designator code" means the two-characters or three letters which identify particular air carriers. (iata code: sc)
1.6 "authorized sale service agent" means a passenger transport sale agent enterprise that is authorized by us to take on behalf of us to sell our air transport services (products) within corresponding authorization range.
1.7 "authorized ground service agent" means a legal individual that is authorized by us to take on behalf of us to provide the ground service agent business of air transport to those passengers and baggage in those flights actually operated by us within corresponding authorization range.
1.8 鈥淧assenger鈥?means any person, except members of the crew, carried or to be carried in an aircraft pursuant to a ticket. (see also the definition for 鈥淵ou鈥?.
1.9 "children" means any person whose age is above two (2) years and below twelve (12) years on the date of commencement of travel.
1.9.1. 鈥淯naccompanied minor鈥? it means that a child who is at or above 5 years old but below 12 years old, and is not accompanied by the adult (who are at or above 18 years old and has civil act capability) when this child takes the flight.
1.10 "infant" means any person who is at least fourteen (14) days old and is under the age of two (2) on the date of travel.
1.11 "group passengers" refers to passengers with ten or more people (or the minimum number of group members specified by our specific products), who have the same flight destination, flight date, flight no. and class, and pay the same group fare. passengers who purchase tickets for infants, children and other discounted fares are not counted as a group.
1.12 "special passenger" means a passenger who requires assistance or special care from a staff member during the journey.
1.13 "seat reservation" means reservation made for the seat, class of travel and the weight and volume of baggage.
1.14 鈥淔light鈥?means aircraft flying along a specific air route at a specific time on a specific date.
1.15 "valid id" means a valid id required by the competent government department to prove the identity of a passenger when he or she purchases a ticket or boarding. such as: resident identity card, residence permit for hong kong, macao and taiwan residents, permanent residence (identity) card for foreigners, valid passports, military officer cards, conscript cards, armed police officers cards, armed police soldier cards, non-military officer card, non-military soldier card, seafarer鈥檚 passport, household register for minors under 16 years old, etc. that can be used according to regulations. the certificate/card must be complete and valid, without damage, missing pages, missing corners, etc.
1.16 鈥淔light ticket鈥?means the electric flight ticket that is filled and launched by us or sale service agent authorized by us and grants the transport right or means the transport certificate called "flight ticket and baggage tag", including the information of contract article, statement, notice and ticket coupon, etc.
1.17 鈥淭icket coupon鈥?means both a paper flight coupon and an electronic coupon, each of which entitle the named passenger to travel on the particular flight identified on the coupon.
1.18 鈥淓lectronic coupon鈥?means an electronic flight coupon or other valued document held in shandong airlines computer database.
1.19 鈥淔light coupon鈥?means that portion of the ticket which is issued by shandong airlines or by its authorized sales service agent on behalf, bears the notation 鈥淕ood for passage鈥? or in the case of an electronic ticket, the electronic coupon, and indicates the particular places between which passenger is entitled to be carried.
1.20 鈥淚tinerary/receipt鈥?means a document or documents we issue to passengers traveling on electronic tickets that contains the passenger's name, flight information, etc.
1.21 鈥淓lectric flight ticket鈥?means a format of flight ticket that is sold by us or sale service agent authorized by us and grants the transport right and is stored in system database by means of electric data, and serves as the sale, settlement, and transport certificate.
1.22 鈥淐onjunction ticket鈥?means a ticket issued to you with relation to another ticket which together constitute a single contract of transportation.
1.23 "round ticket" means a ticket from the place of departure to the destination and returned to the place of the departure.
1.24 "scheduled ticket" means a ticket that specifies the flight, the date of the flight and the seat reserved.
1.25 "unscheduled ticket" means a ticket that does not specify the flight, flight date and unreserved seat.
1.26 "no-show passenger" means that you have not completed the check-in procedures within the prescribed time or failed to board the flight because the travel documents do not meet the requirements.
1.27 "missed flight" means that you have not boarded the designated flight after checking in at the flight departure station or at stop-over station.
1.28 "wrong boarding" means that you have taken a flight that is not listed on the ticket and reached a destination that is not listed on the ticket.
1.29 鈥淒ays鈥?means calendar days, including all seven days of the week; provided that, for the purpose of notification, the day upon which notice is dispatched shall not be counted; and provided further that for purposes of determining duration of validity of a ticket, the day upon which the ticket is issued, or the day upon which the flight commenced, shall not be counted.
1.30 鈥淔ares鈥? means the fares, charges and/or related conditions of use published by an airline, subject to the approval from appropriate authorities where required.
1.31 "normal fare" refers to the highest fare in the first-class, business, and economy classes in the applicable period, including children's fares paid at 50% of the normal fare applicable to adults and 10% at the normal fare baby fare.
1.32 "special fare" means other fares that are not normal fares.
1.33 "sales channel" refers to the way you purchase our tickets, including: our direct ticket office, website, mobile app, service hotline or our authorized sales agent ticket office, website, mobile app, phone, etc.
1.34 鈥淒esignated stop-over stations鈥?means those places, except the place of departure and the place of destination, set out in the ticket or shown in timetables as scheduled stop-over places on passenger鈥檚 route.
1.35 "stopover" refers to a point agreed by the airlines in advance, where a passenger intends to stop the journey when the passenger travels from the departure point to the destination point.
1.36 鈥淔orce majeure鈥?means an unusual and unforeseeable circumstance beyond control, the consequences of which could not have been avoided even if all due care had been exercised.
1.37 "ticket endorsement" means the written authorization of one carrier to transfer his transport ticket to another carrier.
1.38 "ticket change" means a change to our unused flight, departure time, or class of seat without changing the carrier due to your voluntary or involuntary reasons.
1.39 鈥淥verbooking鈥?means the sales act in excess of maximum usable seat numbers of this flight.
1.40 "damage" we provide for damages incurred during transportation, including death, injury, delay, loss or damage to personnel.
1.41 鈥淐heck-in deadline鈥?means the latest time specified by airlines by which passenger must have completed check-in formalities and received boarding pass prior to boarding the aircraft.
1.42 "baggage" means the passenger carry personal articles during the travel. unless otherwise specified, it consists of both the checked baggage and unchecked baggage of the passenger.
1.43 "checked baggage" means the baggage which you hand over to shandong airlines for transportation and for which shandong airlines issues the baggage identification tag.
1.44 "unchecked baggage" means any of passenger's baggage, other than checked baggage, which are to be taken care of by passenger, including carry-on baggage and baggage that occupies an extra seat.
1.45 "baggage identification tag鈥?means a document issued for identification of checked baggage and a voucher to collect the checked baggage by passenger.

article 2 applicability
2.1 general principles
2.1.1 unless otherwise specified in article 2.1.2, article 2.2 and article 2.3, this condition is only applicable for domestic air transport that we carry the passengers and their baggage with civil aircraft and corresponding fees are charged.
2.1.2 unless otherwise specified for active conditions of free ticket fare and special-purpose ticket fare, this condition is also applicable for air transport of free ticket and special-purpose ticket. when both ticket fares conflict to each other, special condition and transport price provision shall take priority over this condition.
2.2 chartered transportation
if transportation is performed pursuant to a charter agreement, these conditions of transportation apply only to the extent they are incorporated by reference or otherwise, in the charter agreement or the ticket.
2.3 code share
on some flights, we have implemented "code-share" with other carriers, which mean that even if you book our flight and your ticket contains our name or airline code (sc) ticket, it may be an aircraft actually operated by another carrier. in this case, when you make a reservation, we will inform you of the carrier that actually operates the aircraft.
the general transport conditions of shandong airlines are also applicable for those code-share flights actually operated by other air carriers. however, actual air operator of each code-share flight has respective general transport conditions or transport articles associated with corresponding flight operation, and part of their contents possibly differ from general transport conditions of shandong airlines. these difference articles and conditions of actual air carrier would be regarded as the composition of general transport conditions of shandong airlines in code-share flight, and those contents that replace the contents corresponding to general transport conditions of shandong airlines in code-share flight being operated by actual air operator are applicable in priority. the difference articles and conditions possibly exist between shandong airlines and actual air carrier of code-share flight, which include but not limit to:
2.3.1 the end time of check-in process;
2.3.2 refusal and limitation transportation;
2.3.3 the baggage transport includes but does not limit to free checked baggage, the amount of carry-on baggage and the charge standard of excess baggage, etc.
2.3.4 refusal boarding and the compensation for flight delay;
2.3.5 non-smoking flight.
2.4 overriding law
these conditions apply to domestic transportation provided by us unless they are inconsistent with our fares or applicable laws in which event such fares or laws shall prevail.
if any provision of these conditions is invalid under any applicable law, the other provisions of these conditions shall nevertheless remain valid.

article 3 ticket
3.1general principles
3.1.1 we will provide transportation only to the passenger named in the ticket, and you may be required to produce appropriate identification as the passenger named in the ticket.
3.1.2 ticket is not transferable.
3.1.3 some tickets are sold at discounted fares which may be partially or completely non-refundable. you should choose the fare that best suits to your needs.
3.1.4 for all or part of flight tickets that are not used in the conditions mentioned in above 3.1.3, you cannot travel due to the circumstance of force majeure, and you shall notify us as early as possible and provide the evidences of such force majeure. after we deduct the rational fee, we would proceed with ticket refunding process for you.
3.1.5for e-tickets, you should have a valid e-ticket issued with your name and valid id, otherwise you will not be entitled to board. for paper tickets, you should present a valid ticket that includes the flight coupon for your flight, all other unused flight coupons and passenger coupons, or you will not be entitled to board. you also do not have the right to board if the ticket presented is damaged or has not been altered by us or our authorized sales agents.
3.1.6 you shall travel on the flight route stated in the ticket, and shall not terminate the travel at the stop-over station in advance without our consent.
3.1.7 you should complete all the journeys listed on the ticket within the validity period of the ticket.
3.2 the validity period of ticket
3.2.1 unless otherwise specified on the ticket, these conditions or the applicable tariff (the fare may limit the validity period of the ticket, such restrictions will be stated on the ticket), the validity period of the ticket is: subject to the first travel occurring within one year from the date of issuance, one year from the date of first travel under the ticket; or if no portion of the ticket is used, one year from the date of issuance.
3.2.2 the validity period of a ticket is calculated from 00:00 (inclusive) the day after the start of the trip or the day when the ticket is issued to 24:00 (excluding) the date when the validity period expires.
3.3 extension of validity
3.3.1 you are unable to travel within the validity period of the ticket due to one of our reasons, and the validity of your ticket may be extended until the first flight where we can provide seats in accordance with the class of fare for which the ticket has been paid: cancel a flight on which you have reserved a seat. the agreed stopping place for the cancelled flight includes your departure point, destination point or stopover point. failure to fly within a reasonable period of time at the schedule of the flight. it causes you to miss the connection flight that you have properly reserved the seat. changed your cabin class. failure to provide the seat you have previously reserved.
3.3.2 if you hold the flight ticket in ordinary ticket fare and cannot travel within validity period because we fail to provide the flight seat according to the cabin class specified in your flight ticket when we book the flight ticket for you, the validity period of your flight ticket can be extended to the first flight that we can provide the seat as per the cabin class of your flight ticket that ticket fare has been paid off, but such extension period would not exceed 7 days.
3.3.3 if after having commenced your journey, you are prevented from continuing your travel within the period of validity of the ticket by reason of illness, we may extend the period of validity of your ticket until the date when you become fit for travel or until our first flight after such date, from the point where the journey was interrupted on which space is available in the class of service for which the fare has been paid. the sick passenger should provide a medical certificate issued by the recognized medical organization. when there is one or more mid-way transit location in flight ticket that has not been travelled, the extension of validity period of this flight ticket would not exceed 3 months from the day when the diagnosis certification letter of this medical organization has been launched. we can also extend the extension period of flight ticket of sick passenger and accompanying personnel.
3.3.4 in the event of the death of a passenger inflight, the tickets of persons accompanying the passenger may be modified by waiving the minimum stay or extending the period of validity. in the event of a death in the immediate family of a passenger who has commenced travel, the validity of the passenger鈥檚 ticket and those of his or her immediate family who are accompanying the passenger, may likewise be modified. any such modification shall be made upon receipt of a valid death certificate and any such extension of validity shall not be for a period longer than forty-five (45) days from the date of the death shown on the death certificate.
3.4 sequence and use of tickets
3.4.1 the ticket you purchase is only applicable to the transportation listed on the ticket from the departure point, the agreed stopover point to the destination point. the fare you pay is based on our tariff rules and the transportation listed on the ticket. the fare is the basic content of the contract of transportation between us and you. all coupons on the ticket must be used in the order specified when the ticket was issued.
3.4.2if you wish to make any changes to their flight, you must contact us in advance. the fare for new transportation will be calculated and you will be given the option of accepting the new fare or maintaining original transportation as ticketed. should you are required to change any aspect of transportation due to force majeure, you must contact us as soon as practicable and we will use reasonable efforts to transport passenger to the next stopover or final destination, without recalculation of the fare.
3.4.3 if you change your transportation without our consent, we will determine the fare according to your actual trip. you should pay the difference between the original fare and the applicable fare after the change in transportation, and the unused segments of your ticket will no longer be available.
3.4.4 changes to certain transportation contents on a ticket may result in an increase in fare, such as a change in departure or a change in destination. many fares are valid only for flights on a specific date stated on the ticket and cannot be changed or can only be changed after paying the corresponding fee.
3.4.5 each flight coupon on your ticket should indicate the class of flight, the date of the flight, the flight number, and it can only be used for transportation after the seat is booked. if your ticket is non-scheduled, you can book a seat according to our tariff rules and availability of flight seats.
3.4.6 if you do not take a flight on which you have booked a seat without notifying us in advance, we may cancel your onward or return flight reservation listed on your ticket. however, if you notify us in advance, we will reserve your reservation for subsequent flights according to your needs.
3.5 name of carrier
our name may be abbreviated to our airline designator code "sc" in the ticket.

article 4 fares, taxes and fees
4.1 fares
4.1.1 fares apply only for transportation from the airport at the point of departure to the airport at the point of destination, unless otherwise expressly stated. fares do not include ground transport service between airports or between airports and downtown.
4.1.2 the ticket fare would be calculated as per our active transport price at the day when you purchase the flight ticket. after flight ticket has been sold out, if the ticket fare has been modified, this ticket fare would not be changed.
4.2 the delivery of ticket fare
4.2.1fares, taxes and fees are payable in the currency of the country or region in which the ticket is issued, unless another currency is indicated by us or our authorized agent, at or before the time payment is made. we may at our discretion, accept payment in another currency due to, for example, the non-convertibility of local currency unless we have another agreement with you, all the fare will be paid.
4.2.2 when the fare collected does not correspond to the applicable fare or is calculated incorrectly, you shall make up for the insufficient fare or we will refund the overcharged fare in accordance with our regulations.
4.2.3 passenger fares are calculated in rmb 10 yuan; any other fees we receive or pay are calculated in rmb yuan, rounded off to the nearest digit.
4.3 fares for disabled soldiers, disabled people police, children and infants
4.3.1 disabled soldiers and disabled people's police purchase tickets based on 50% of the normal adult fare of the same flight on the basis of the "disabled soldier of the people's republic of china" and "disabled people police of the people's republic of china"
4.3.2 children purchase child tickets at 50% of the normal adult fare on the same flight and provide seats.
4.3.3the infant ticket shall be purchased as per 10% of normal ticket fare of the adult in the same flight, and we do not provide the seat. if it is necessary to occupy a single seat, a child ticket shall be bought. when each adult passenger carries more than one baby, the adult shall buy the child ticket for the excessive infant.
4.3.4 children or infant accompanied by an adult shall buy tickets for the same class of service as the accompanying adult.
4.4 taxes and fees
taxes or fees collected by the government, other relevant authorities, or airport operators should be paid by you. when you purchase a ticket, we will inform you of taxes and fees that are not included in the fare, and most taxes and fees are usually listed separately on the ticket.

article 5 reservations and purchase of tickets
5.1methods of ticket reservation and purchase
you can reserve and purchase ticket through our internet website, mobile apps, and service hotlines, any of our ticket offices or authorized sales service agents as well as other sales channels recognized by us.
5.2 requirement on reservation and ticketing time limit
5.2.1 we or our authorized agent will record your flight reservation. upon request we will provide you with written confirmation of your reservation.
5.2.2 after you book your seat, you should pay the ticket within the time limit for ticket purchase as specified by us or our authorized agents. otherwise, we will cancel your reservation.
5.2.3 the reservation of the contract unit shall be made strictly in accordance with the agreement in the contract.
5.2.4 when certain specific-purpose ticket fare contains any article to restrict or reject you to change or cancel the seat reservation, as for specific applicable conditions of ticket fare, please refer to relevant transport fare rules.
5.2.5 when you purchase the flight ticket, you must proceed with this purchase with you valid personal identity card or certificate. the valid identity card or certificate when you purchase the flight ticket shall be the same one when you proceed with boarding check-in process.
5.2.6 when purchasing tickets for children and infants, they should provide the child, infant's birth date and birth medical certificate or other valid certificates.
5.2.7 when pregnant woman purchases the flight ticket, the gestational weeks and valid certification letter shall be provided.
5.2.8 we have the limitation to the reception of part of special passengers. when you purchase the flight ticket, please consult us or sale agent authorized by us.
5.3 personal information
5.3.1 you recognize that personal information has been given to us in connection with travel for the purposes of making a reservation, purchasing a ticket, obtaining ancillary services, developing and providing services, facilitating immigration and entry procedures, and making available such information to government agencies. for these purposes, you agree that we retain and use such information and to transmit it to related government agencies, authorized sales service agents, authorized ground services agents, other carriers or the providers of the above-mentioned services. we will properly keep confidential the personal information passenger provides.
5.3.2 you shall take responsibilities of all consequences from failing to board due to wrong personal information is submitted.
5.4 no particular seat requested or assigned is guaranteed
we will endeavor to honor advance seating requests锛宧owever, we cannot guarantee any particular seat. we reserve the right to assign or reassign seats at any time, even after boarding of the aircraft. this may be necessary for operational, safety or security reasons.

article 6 check-in and boarding
6.1you are fully aware that the check-in deadlines of the airports specified by the airline are not the same, so we recommend that you understand and follow the check-in deadlines of the airports yourself. for your smooth travel, you should allow enough time for check-in. we have the right to cancel your reservation if you do not complete the check-in before the prescribed check-in deadline. if your first flight is our flight, we or our authorized agents will notify you of the deadline for check-in. you should check the check-in deadline for any subsequent flight on your journey.
6.2 you shall wait at the boarding gate at the time specified by us at the time of check-in. we have the right to cancel your seat if you do not arrive before the prescribed gate closing time.
6.3 the valid id passenger uses at the time of check-in must be the same as that used at the time of ticket purchase.
6.4 no-show
after the passenger misses the plane, if you need to continue to travel, you should proceed with the original ticket in accordance with the relevant regulations for voluntary changes; if you request a refund, you should be treated as a voluntary refund.
6.5 missed flight
if there is a missed flight due to your reasons, you can go through the transfer or refund procedures for you in accordance with the relevant provisions of 6.4 for missed flights.
if you miss a flight due to our reasons, we will arrange your subsequent flight as soon as possible, or involuntarily refund.
6.6 wrong boarding
when you take a flight that is not listed on the ticket and arrives at a destination that is not listed on the ticket, we will take the following measures for you to choose:
6.6.1 transport you back to the departure station, and arrange for you to take the subsequent flight to the destination listed on your ticket as early as possible, and the fare will not be retreat and refunded; or
6.6.2 if your wrongly boarding station has our flight to the destination listed on the passenger ticket, we will arrange you to fly directly to your destination from the wrongly boarding station, or take you to the destination by ground; or
6.6.3 if you request that the trip be terminated at the wrong stop, we will compare the fare from the departure to the destination listed on your ticket with the fare from the departure to the wrong arrival, retreat less and not make up.
6.7 we are not liable for any loss or expense incurred if you fail to comply with this section.

article 7 change and endorsement of ticket
if passenger needs to change or endorse ticket after purchasing from us, one of the following rules applies:
7.1 change and endorsement of non-group passenger
7.1.1 the passenger voluntarily endorsement for the flight or change the flight ticket endorsement (change the air carrier):
for those flight tickets that normal ticket fare of first-class/commercial-class cabin (f/c), or general ticket fare of adult in premium economy-class/economy-class(w/y) and child/infant ticket fare are used, after all of following conditions have been fulfilled, it is permitted for the passenger to change the air carrier. if applicable ticket fare of air carrier is higher than our ticket fare after this change, the passenger needs to pay off the fare difference. if applicable ticket fare of air carrier is lower than our ticket fare after this change, it is permitted for the passenger to change the air carrier, but this fare difference would not be refunded to the passenger, or this case shall be handled as per the case of voluntary ticket refunding.
(a) no restriction condition of change to other air carrier in flight ticket;
(b) the air carrier who accepts this signing for airlines change shall establish the settlement relationship with us, and there are available seats in corresponding flight;
(c) no change is present in this flight ticket. change the flight/date/class
follow the notice of ticket purchased. change the flight
handle as a voluntary refund. as for the change of self-defined flight ticket of us and the change of flight ticket of transfer or connection flight subject to special provisions, follow those provisions of ourselves-defined product document. discount ticket with restrictions cannot be endorsed.
7.1.2 involuntary change and endorsement of ticket if departure flight is delayed or canceled or reserved seat is not available due to reasons on our part (aircraft maintenance, flight dispatch, transportation service and crew), we will locate passenger to subsequent flight with seats available, and shall pay for the balance of fares. if departure flight is delayed or canceled not due to reasons on our part (weather, unexpected event, air traffic control, security and passenger check), we will locate passenger to subsequent flight with seats available and you shall pay for the balance of fares.

article 8 refusal and limitation of transportation
8.1 right to refuse transport
at our discretion, we may refuse to carry you or your baggage after notifying you. we also have the right to refuse to carry you or your baggage, including but not limited to one or more of the following reasons:
8.1.1the transportation of you or your baggage is violated of any applicable laws, regulations or orders;
8.1.2 the transportation of you or your baggage may endanger or affect the safety, health, convenience, comfort of other passengers or crew members;
8.1.3 any baggage or items that strangers ask you to carry;
8.1.4 your mental or physical state, including your impairment from alcohol or drugs, presents a hazard or risk to yourself, passengers, crew members, or property;
8.1.5you have committed misconduct on a previous flight, and we have reason to believe that such behaviors may be repeated;
8.1.6 you have refused to submit to a security check;
8.1.7 you have not paid the applicable fare, taxes or fees;
8.1.8you does not appear to have valid travel documents; or the valid travel document presented is not the same as at the time of electronic ticket purchase;
8.1.9 you present a ticket that has been acquired unlawfully, has been purchased from an entity other than us or our authorized agent, or has been reported as being lost or stolen, is a counterfeit, or you cannot prove that you are the person named in the ticket;
8.1.10 you have failed to comply with the requirements for the sequential use of tickets in these conditions, or the tickets you presented were not filled or changed by us or our authorized sales agents, or the tickets have been damaged;
8.1.11 you fail to follow our instructions with respect to safety or security;
8.1.12 you fail to follow the rules for non-smoking on board our aircraft or the use of electronic equipment on board our aircraft;
8.1.13 you fail or refuse to obey the instructions of our crew members.
8.2 limitation of transportation
passenger carry infant, unaccompanied minors, disabled person, pregnant woman, person with illness, or other types of passenger who need special assistance, provided shandong airlines are informed in advance, and give prior consent and make arrangements in advance.
8.3 the number of passengers limited to transport
for security reasons, we limit the number of passengers that can be carried on each flight.
8.4 in accordance with relevant laws and regulations such as the "administrative measures for the air transport of disabled persons", we will provide transportation for disabled persons with boarding conditions.
8.5 refund after refusal of transportation
any passenger who has been refused transportation or whose seat has been cancelled in accordance with article 8 may proceed in accordance with article 12.2.

article 9transportation of baggage
9.1restrictions on the packing, volume and weight of baggage
9.1.1checked baggage your checked baggage should be packed, locked and bundled properly and securely enough to sustain pressure for safe handling and transportation under normal conditions. for any baggage that the package does not meet the requirements, we can reject the reception or does not bear any compensation responsibility for corresponding break-down or the damage. should mark your name or other personal identification on the inside and outside of the checked baggage. upon delivery to us of your baggage which you wish to check we will take custody of and issue a baggage identification tag for each piece of your checked baggage. we limit the size and weight of checked baggage. the maximum weight of each piece must not exceed 32 kg (70 lbs.). the length, width, and height must not exceed 100 cm (40 inches), 60 cm (24 inches), and 40 cm (16 inches), respectively. baggage exceeding the above requirements shall be transported as cargo.
9.1.2 unchecked baggage carry-on baggage
we will limit the maximum volume and / or weight of baggage brought into the cabin. each first class and business class passenger can carry two carry-on items, each weighing no more than 8 kg (17 pounds); each economy class passenger can carry one carry-on item, and the weight must not exceed 5 kg (11 pounds) . the length, width, and height of each carry-on item must not exceed 55 cm (22 inches), 40 cm (16 inches), and 20 cm (8 inches) respectively. they can be placed in the closed baggage rack above the aircraft cabin, or place under your front seat. if it cannot be placed in the above manner, or because of overweight or oversize reasons, or for safety reasons, it should be transported as checked baggage. seat baggage
if your items are not suitable for transportation in the cargo hold of the aircraft, such as delicate musical instruments or other fragile items, and do not meet the requirements of paragraphs 9.1.1 and of these conditions, you must notify us in advance and get our permission, it should be taken into the cabin as seat baggage, and the weight of each seat does not exceed 75 kg (165 pounds), and the length, width and height of the three sides do not exceed 100 cm (40 inches) and 60 cm (24 inches), 40 cm (16 inches) respectively. these items are charged separately and keep them by you. for cello and other special instruments, the size limit can be changed appropriately, but the longest should not exceed 150 cm.
9.2 free checked baggage allowance and excess baggage
9.2.1 free baggage allowance the free checked baggage you carry should comply with our prescribed limits: free checked baggage allowance for passengers holding first class tickets for adults or children is 40 kg (88 pounds), and 30 kg for passengers holding adult or child business class tickets 66 lbs), 20 kg (44 lbs) for adult or child economy class passengers; 10 kg (22 lbs) free checked baggage for infants. the baggage allowance for special ticket products is subject to product sales rules. if you involuntarily change the service class of the ticket class, your free baggage allowance shall be calculated based on the original service class of the ticket class. for domestic flights that constitute international transport, the free baggage allowance for each passenger is calculated based on the applicable free baggage allowance for international or regional routes.
9.2.2 excess baggage when your baggage fails to meet the free baggage policy or its weight, volume or piece exceeds free baggage amount standard, you need to pay off the excess baggage fee for excessive size or weight or for the amount that fails to meet the free baggage policy. when we charge you of excess baggage fees, we shall launch a charge receipt for you. your excess baggage rate is calculated at 1.5% per ordinary kilogram of the direct economy class fare applicable on the day when the excess baggage ticket is issued, with the unit of rmb yuan being rounded up.
9.3 the acceptance of baggage
9.3.1 the rights to reject transport for those conditions that are listed in 9.5 and 9.6must not be transported as the baggage, we have the right to reject this transportation, or reject the continuous transportation after such condition is observed. if we believe that this item is not suitable for air transport due to its size, shape, weight, content, or characteristics, or due to the circumstance of the safety or the operation, or for the comfort and convenience of other passengers, we can reject the air transport. the baggage shall be properly packaged as per our requirements; otherwise we can reject the acceptance.
9.3.2 right of search
for reasons of safety and security we may request that you permit a search and scan of your person and a search, scan or x-ray of your baggage. if you are not available, your baggage may be searched in your absence for the purpose of determining whether you are in possession of or whether your baggage contains any item described in 9.5.1 or any firearms, ammunition or weapons, which have not been presented to us in accordance with 9.5.2. if you are unwilling to comply with such request we may refuse to carry you and your baggage. in the event a search or scan causes damage to you, or an x-ray or scan causes damage to your baggage, we shall not be liable for such damage unless due to our fault or negligence.
9.4 the claim and delivery of checked baggage
9.4.1 you shall claim your checked baggage as soon as possible at destination airport or transit airport. if your checked baggage is unclaimed within 3 months from its arrival date, we shall dispose this baggage and would not notify you anymore and need not bear any responsibility. for any perishable article in your baggage, we are authorized to dispose such baggage at 72 hours after the arrival of this baggage.
9.4.2 only the bearer of the baggage check and baggage identification tag锛宨s entitled to delivery of the checked baggage. when necessary, we will verify the information of flight ticket. we shall not bear any responsibility for whether you claim the baggage by yourself or not and for resulting loss and fee.
9.4.3 if the person claiming checked baggage is unable to produce the baggage check and identify the baggage by means of a baggage identification tag, we will deliver the baggage to such person only on condition that he or she establishes to our satisfaction his or her right to the baggage.
9.4.4 checked baggage will, whenever possible, be carried on the same aircraft as you, unless we decide for operational, safety, or security reasons to carry it on alternative flight. if your checked baggage is carried on a subsequent flight we will deliver it to you. for the baggage that is delayed due to above-mentioned circumstances, we would not charge any storage fee.
9.5 items unacceptable as baggage
9.5.1 your baggage (including checked baggage and unchecked baggage) must not contain the following items: items which are likely to endanger the aircraft or persons or property on board the aircraft, such as those specified in the international civil aviation organization (icao) technical instructions for the safe transport of dangerous goods by air (icao-ti) and in the international air transport association (iata) dangerous goods regulations (iata-dgr), and in our rules, in particular, items that are prohibited from being carried, including but not limited to explosives, gases (including combustible, non-combustible and non-toxic gases, toxic gases, compressed gases), combustible substances (including combustible liquids, combustible solids like lighters and matches), substances that could ignite by themselves or could ignite when meeting water, oxidant and organic peroxides, poisonous substances, infectious substances, radioactive or magnetized materials, corrosive substances, and threatening or irritating substances. items prohibited by laws, regulations or orders of china; items which do not meet the requirements specified in the definition of "baggage" in 1.42 of these conditions, or the following items which are prohibited from transportation: items which are dangerous and unsafe, items which are unacceptable for transportation because of their weight, size, packaging, shape or nature, other items prohibited by the government, live animals (other than small pet animals, guide dogs and hearing dogs specified in 9.8.7 and 9.8.8 of these conditions), breakable, fragile and perishable items and items emitting unmistakable pungent odors (like seafood and durian), anaesthetizing and offensive substances or items of similar nature.
9.5.2guns or their major spare parts (including guns for military, civil and public affairs uses; pistols, rifles, submachine guns, machine guns, anti-riot guns, air guns, anesthesia injection guns, gun samples, gun props, steel ball guns, tear gas guns, stun guns, etc.); ordnances, police instruments and their major spare parts (police batons, military or police daggers and bayonets, etc.), implements prohibited by the government (implements with electric shocks and implements that can serve defensive purposes); knives and other items highly controlled by the government (crossbows, daggers, triangular knives, triangular cutters for machining purchases, knives with self-locking devices, single-edged knives shaped like but longer than dagger, double-edged knives, triangular sharp knives, etc.);other similar items and imitations of the above items may not be transported as luggage, except for hunting and sports..
but firearms and ammunitions for hunting and sporting purposes can be accepted as checked baggage, subject to the requirements set forth in article 9.8.3.
9.6 the following items prohibited from transportation as or in checked baggage:
9.6.1 lithium batteries and lithium battery mobile power sources (such as power bank) shall not be accepted as checked baggage or clipped in baggage. you can take a lithium battery or a lithium battery mobile power source (such as power bank) with you, but the rated energy must not exceed 160 watt-hours, and the rated energy is greater than 100 watt-hours and does not exceed 160 watt-hours, a maximum of two can be carried after our approval.
it is strictly forbidden to carry lithium batteries with safety defects recalled by manufacturers and unclear identification, lithium batteries that cannot be rated for energy or lithium metal content, and lithium battery mobile power sources (such as power bank). it is strictly forbidden to carry a lithium battery mobile power source (such as a power bank) for non-personal use. it is strictly prohibited to use a lithium battery mobile power source (such as a power bank) during the flight.
9.6.2 if you have carried items in your baggage that are not allowed to be carried or transported under paragraphs 9.5 or 9.6 of these conditions, we will not be liable for any loss, damage or confiscation of such kind of article due to those actions taken by applicable authority of government, airport administration authority, and security check organization and associated with baggage.
9.7 items that cannot be transported as checked baggage in your checked baggage, you must not place or carry important documents and information, valuable tickets, currency, jewelry, precious metals and their products, antique calligraphy, personal electronic equipment, samples and other valuable items, items such as travel documents and prescription drugs that individuals need to take regularly. we are not responsible for the loss or damage of the above items in checked baggage.
9.8 items restricted to transport
the following items may only be accepted for transportation if they meet our conditions of transportation and with our consent:
9.8.1 it is recommended that delicate instrument or electrical articles shall be transported as the cargo. if such instrument or article is transported as checked baggage, they must be properly packaged, and the weight of such articles must not calculated into free baggage amount. it is required to otherwise charge this article with reference to the excess baggage standard.
9.8.2 if your baggage, like delicate musical instruments, is not suitable for transport inside the cargo compartment and is not in compliance with the condition specified in, you shall inform us in advance and take your baggage into the cabin as extra seat baggage subject to the condition specified in, and go through the required process. you shall pay for such baggage separately and take custody of such baggage by yourself.
9.8.3 firearms and ammunition used for hunting and sports shall be transported as checked baggage. firearms must be unloaded, secured, and properly packed in accordance with our rules. the transportation of ammunition should be handled in accordance with the provisions of icao and iata specified in article 9.5 of these conditions, and applicable laws and regulations of china and our regulations the weight of the item is not included in the free baggage allowance, and the corresponding fee will be charged for the excess baggage;
9.8.4 sharps and blunt tools other than controlled knives, such as kitchen knives, fruit knives, table knives, craft knives, surgical knives, scissors, steel files, axes, short sticks, hammers, etc., should be transported in checked baggage;
9.8.5 dry ice, liquid beverage, alcoholic cosmetics
9.8.6 electric wheelchairs used for travel by passengers who have limited mobility due to disability, health, age, or a broken leg.
9.8.7 small animals transportation of small animals (only domestic dogs, pets, cats, animals that are aggressive or easy to hurt, such as tibetan mastiff, bulldogs, etc. do not fall into this scope) must be submitted to us in advance and provided the quarantine certificate then transported with our consent. you must ensure that your animal is properly placed into the container, and this container must meet our requirements, and carry with valid animal inspection & quarantine certification letter, otherwise we would not carry this animal. we have the right to decide the way small animals are transported, and we have the right to limit the number of small animals that can be transported per aircraft. such transportation must comply with the additional conditions we have specified. small animals transported as baggage, their containers and food are not included in the free baggage allowance and will be charged separately according to the excess baggage standard. for the injury or loss, disease or death of small animal, we would not bear the responsibility unless we make any mistake. you shall be fully responsible for all damages or injuries that small animals may cause to other passengers or us.
9.8.8 guide dog or hearing dog for the transport of guide dog or hearing dog, we will provide the transport of those who board on the aircraft and guide dog and hearing dog in accordance with applicable laws and provisions for air transport of the handicapped by civil aviation supervision authority.
the blind or deaf passenger provided with boarding conditions shall propose his/her demand to us no later than 48 hours from flight departure time when such passenger reserves your seat. if we can provide the service that you need, we will answer you within 24 hours. the blind or deaf passenger shall personally bring this passenger into the cabin for air transport. the guide dog or hearing dog can be transported on the basis of free of charge and would not be included into free baggage allowance. you shall be fully responsible for any damage or injury that the guide dog and hearing dog you carry may cause to other passengers or us.
9.9 declared baggage value
9.9.1 if the value of your checked baggage exceeds rmb 100 per kilogram, you can apply to us for the declared value of your baggage.
9.9.2 the declared value of checked baggage must not exceed the actual value of the baggage itself. the maximum declared value of your baggage is rmb 8,000. if we disagree with the declared value and you refuse to be inspected, we have the right to refuse accept.
9.9.3 we charge a declared value surcharge at 5 鈥?of the value of your declared value that exceeds the limit portion specified in 9.9.1. the amount is in rmb yuan, rounded to the nearest digit.

article 10 schedules, delays and cancellation of flights
10.1 flight schedules
10.1.1 the flight times and aircraft types shown in timetables may change between the date of publication and the date you actually travel. we do not guarantee them to you and they do not form part of your contract with us.
10.1.2except in the case of damage caused by our imprudent act or omission attributable to our intention or full awareness of such damage, we will not be liable for any mistake or omission in the flight timetable. also we will not be liable for any interpretation on time or date of departure or arrival, or transportation of any flight.
10.1.3before we accept your reservation for a flight, we will notify you of the scheduled flight time in effect as of that time, and it will be shown on your ticket. it is possible we may need to change the scheduled flight time subsequent to the issuance of your ticket. if you provide us with contact information, we will endeavor to notify you of any such changes. if, after you purchase your ticket, we make a significant change to the schedule flight time, which is not acceptable to you, and we are unable to book you on an alternate flight which is acceptable to you, you will be entitled to a refund in accordance with article 12.3.
10.2 cancellation, change, delays, etc.
10.2.1 we will take all measures that could reasonably be required to avoid delay in carrying you and your baggage. we shall not be liable if it proves that we took all measures that could reasonably be required to avoid the damage or that it was impossible for us to take such measures.
10.2.2 when circumstances so require, we may, without prior notice, change aircraft type or routes, cancel, terminate, postpone, or delay any flight: in order to comply with laws, administrative regulations, orders and requirements of relevant countries; in order to ensure safe operation of a flight; circumstances beyond our control.
10.2.3 due to the above reasons, we cancel a flight or fail to operate reasonably according to schedules, fail to provide you with the reserved seats (including the classes), or fail to stop at your stopping place or destination, or cause you to miss a connecting flight (limited to passenger who purchase connection flight ticket from us) on which you had a confirmed seat, we shall, considering your reasonable requests, take any of the following measures: we will arrange the subsequent flights with available seats for you; you will be endorsed to other carriers after agreed by you and the endorsed carrier; we will make a change in the flight shown on the original ticket and arrange our or other carriers' flights to carry you to the destination or stopping place, any overcharge for the ticket, excess baggage fee or other service fee will be returned but any deficiency thereof shall be retreated if more and not refunded if less.

article 11 overbooking
11.1 in order to meet the travel needs of more passengers, we may take appropriate overbooking methods on some flights that are prone to wasted seats to ensure that more passengers can board the ideal flight.
11.2 if the flight is overbooked, we will first ask at the airport for passengers who voluntarily took a later flight or cancelled their trip voluntarily. in the absence of sufficient volunteers, we may refuse to board some passengers.
11.3 as our flight is overbook and you fail to make the trip as scheduled, we will arrange the earliest flight with available seats for you to make the trip as soon as possible or refund for free, while giving some form of compensation.

article 12 refund
12.1 we will refund a ticket or any unused portion of a ticket, in accordance with applicable rules on fares or tariff, subject to the following regulations:
12.1.1 except as otherwise provided for in this article, we can make a refund either to you or to the person who has paid for the ticket, upon presentation of satisfactory proof of such payment and satisfactory id.
12.1.2 if you are not the payer of the ticket and the refund restrictions are marked on the ticket, we will refund the fare to the payer of the ticket or its designee.
12.1.3 for electronic ticket锛寉ou can get refund only after you returns the 鈥淚tinerary鈥?to us. for paper flight ticket, you must return all the passenger coupons and all the boarding passes (that have not been used) to us before we can handle the ticket refunding for you.
12.2 voluntary refund
12.2.1refund location锛歏oluntary refund application shall be processed at the original ticketing place of the ticket;
12.2.2voluntary refund for direct flight ticket, we will charge refund service fee according to the class of ticket and applicable conditions.
12.2.3 voluntary refund for ticket with special provisions, refund will be made in accordance with provisions specified for the product.
12.2.4. voluntary refunds for children, infants, disabled soldiers and disabled people's police are implemented in accordance with our rules.
12.2.5. as for the voluntary ticket refunding with the points of phoenix miles member, please refer to "phoenix miles member brochure".
12.2.6. refund by no-show: in accordance with the voluntary refund rules for direct flight tickets.
12.2.7. you automatically terminate your trip at the stopover point of the flight, and the fare for unused segments of the flight will not be refunded.
12.2.8. if you need to refund your ticket after the cabin change, you will be subject to the cabin rules before the change, and the difference will be refunded in full. if a refund is required after the rescheduled date, the rescheduled fee has not been refunded.
12.3 involuntary refund
12.3.1 if our flight is delayed or canceled in the city of origin due to ourselves or force majeure (including weather, unexpected event, air traffic control, security check), or passenger's sickness or death result in passenger's incapability to board according to the time specified on the ticket, refunds shall be applied as follows: involuntary refunds can be refunded at the original ticket office, at the shandong airlines ticket office where the flight originated, or at our shandong airlines ticket office or 24-hour customer service hotline 95369 where the involuntary refund occurred. involuntary refunds are made at the stopping place (alternate station), and we will refund the entire fare of the unused flight segment, but the amount of the refund must not exceed the original fare paid.
12.3.2 special circumstances of involuntary refunds----passengers refund due to illness or death after a passenger purchases a ticket and cannot take flight due to illness, the passenger must provide the original official diagnosis certificate and medical invoice (photocopy) issued by the attending doctor and issued by the medical unit at or above the county level (inclusive). before the day (inclusive); if the passenger dies, the person who requested the refund shall provide the death certificate of the passenger. if a sudden illness occurs at the airport after the scheduled cut-off time of the flight has passed, or a temporary illness occurs at a flight stop (alternate station), a diagnosis certificate and medical record issued by the airport medical center are used to apply for a refund. for passengers who are not able to provide the refund certificate required by the above, we and our authorized sales agents have the right to process the refund as a voluntary refund, and no refund is free.
12.4 right to refuse refund
12.4.1 we shall refuse request for refund after the validity period of ticket has expired.
12.4.2 if you voluntarily terminate your travel at the stopover point of the flight, the fare for unused segments of the flight will not be refunded.
12.5 refunds person
voluntary refunds can only be handled by the airline that issued the ticket or its authorized agent for refund.
12.6 refund to bank card
if you pay for your ticket with a bank card when you purchase your ticket, the ticket can only be refunded to the original card account.
12.7 recipients of refunds
unless otherwise agreed, we have the right to refund the person named on the ticket or the person who can produce sufficient evidence to prove that they are the purchaser.

article 13 passenger services
13.1 general services
13.1.1 we shall take the principles of ensuring flight safety and normal flights and providing good services as a standard, with a polite, enthusiastic and attentive service attitude, and conscientiously do a variety of air and ground services in passenger transportation.
13.2 services for abnormal flights
13.2.1 due to our maintenance, flight dispatch, crew and other reasons, the flight at the departure place will be delayed or cancelled, we will provide you with flight dynamic information and services such as meals or accommodation.
13.2.2 due to non-our reasons including but not limited to weather, emergencies, air traffic control, passengers, security check, and other reasons at the airport, such as the flight at the departure place delayed or cancelled, we will provide you with flight dynamic information, assist you in arranging meals and accommodation at your own expense.
13.2.3 if the flight is delayed or cancelled at the stopover location, or if the flight is alternated, for whatever reason, we shall be responsible for providing you with stopover meals or accommodation services.
13.3 compensation for flight delays
13.3.1 compensation conditions and standards
flight delays are caused by our maintenance, flight dispatch, crew, etc. we will provide you with financial compensation based on the actual situation of the flight delay. for a delay of more than 4 hours (inclusive) and less than 8 hours, each passenger is compensated for rmb 200; for a delay of more than 8 hours (inclusive), each passenger is compensated for rmb 400.
13.3.2 compensation method
there are many ways of financial compensation, and we will cash in, ticket discount and mileage according to your own wishes and choices.

article 14behaviors on the aircraft
14.1 general rules
according to our judgment, if your actions on the aircraft endanger the safety of the aircraft or any person or property on the aircraft, or prevent the crew members from performing their duties, or fail to follow the instructions of the crew, including but not limited to smoking, alcohol or drug use, when the crew or other passengers cause or are likely to cause discomfort, inconvenience, damage or injury, we can take measures that we consider reasonable, including implementing control to prevent the behavior from continuing. you may be disembarked and refused to continue your trip at any location, and you may be prosecuted for misconduct in the cabin.
14.2 electronic and other types of device
14.2.1 we prohibit electronic equipment used on the aircraft during the whole flight, including but not limited to: mobile phones without flight mode, such as devices with only cellular mobile communication functions (voice and data), including watches with mobile phone functions, etc. walkie-talkies, remote control toys and other electronic devices with remote control devices.
14.2.2 prohibition of use during critical flight phases such as taxiing, take-off climb, and approach and landing, and portable electronic devices permitted during non-critical flight phases include, but are not limited to: mobile phones (smart phones) with flight modes; portable computers or pads; e-books; video / audio players; electronic game consoles.
14.2.3 electronic equipment permitted throughout the flight, including but not limited to: portable voice recorders; hearing aids; pacemakers; electric shavers; electronic equipment (devices) used to sustain life without affecting aircraft navigation and communication systems, the cellular communication function and wi-fi should be turned off during the flight, but the bluetooth and zigbee functions can be used throughout the flight. functions such as wi-fi and bluetooth should be turned off during critical phases of the flight, and peripheral devices such as headphones, charging, and data connections must not be connected, and voice and data communications must not be used.
14.2.4 during flight, when the crew finds electronic interference and suspects that it is coming from the portable electronic equipment you use, and when the captain must perform low-visibility operating procedures and initiate emergency evacuation, to prevent interference with aircraft communications and precision navigation equipment, we have the right to ask you to turn off the portable electronic device.
14.3 non-smoking flight
it is non-smoking on all our flights and smoking is not allowed in all areas on board.
14.4 seat belt
you should fasten your seat belts all the way when you are seated on the aircraft.
14.5 alcoholic beverage restrictions
except for the alcoholic beverages we serve, you can not drink 
other alcoholic beverages on the aircraft.
article 15 arrangement for additional services
15.1 if we arrange for you services other than air transportation provided by a third party, or if we issue you tickets or receipts for non-air transportation or services provided by a third party, such as ground transportation, hotel reservations, or vehicle rental, when arranging the above additional services, we are only your agent, and we are not responsible for whether you can get such services and their quality. the terms and conditions of the third-party service provider apply to the service.

15.2 if ground transportation service is provided by us, this condition shall not apply.

article 16administrative processes
16.1 you must comply with the laws, government regulations, orders, requirements and travel conditions of the people's republic of china, and you are subject to any security inspection by the government, airport management or us.
16.2 you should present valid documents required by national laws, government regulations, orders, requirements or travel conditions. we reserve the right to refuse transportation if you fail to comply with national laws, regulations, orders, requirements or travel conditions or your documents do not meet the requirements.
16.3 you should be present when the relevant government authority inspects your baggage. we will not be liable for any loss caused by your failure to be inspected.
16.4 you should accept any security inspections required by government officials, airport staff, other carriers, or us. we are not liable for any bodily injury, loss or damage to you caused by this inspection, unless such injury, damage or loss is caused by our fault.

article 17 successive carrier
transport performed by us and other carriers on a single ticket or a continuous ticket shall be considered a single transportation.

article 18 liability for damage and compensation
18.1 liability for damages
18.1.1 our responsibility for your transportation is subject to these conditions, and other carriers on your trip are responsible for your transportation to their respective conditions of transportation.
18.1.2 we are only liable for damage caused by the flight or flight segment in which our airline code is entered in the ticket carrier column. if we issue a ticket or check-in baggage for the transportation of another carrier, we will only act as the carrier's agent for the above actions. however, for checked baggage, you can claim against the first or last carrier listed on the ticket and baggage tag.
18.1.3 we are not liable for any loss caused by our compliance with applicable laws, regulations, government rules, or your failure to comply with the above laws, regulations, government rules.
18.1.4 except as otherwise provided in these conditions, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, our liability to you is limited to proven losses and expenses. we are not responsible for indirect or consequential damages.
18.1.5 if the damage was caused or facilitated by your fault, our liability shall be waived or mitigated in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
18.1.6 our contract of transportation, including these conditions, as well as clauses that exclude or limit liability, also applies to our agents and employees. in no event shall the total amount of compensation obtained from us and our agents and employees exceed the prescribed liability limit.
18.1.7 except where expressly provided, these conditions shall not cause us to waive any provision of applicable laws and regulations concerning the exclusion or limitation of our liability.
18.2 passenger injuries/death and compensation
18.2.1 we are not responsible for any illness, injury or disability, including death, attributable to your physical condition or for the aggravation of any condition of yours.
18.2.2 the limit of our liability for your injury and death shall be implemented in accordance with relevant national laws and regulations.
18.3 baggage loss and compensation
18.3.1 we shall not be liable for any loss of baggage solely due to its natural attributes, quality or defects.
18.3.2 we are not responsible for any damage caused by your baggage or inner contents. if your baggage or contents cause damage to others, their property, including other baggage or their inner contents, and our property, you shall be liable.
18.3.3 we will not be liable for any loss, damage or confiscation of any such items by the government if any items forbidden to be placed in these conditions 9.5 are carried in your baggage.
18.3.4 if any items in your checked baggage that are not allowed to be placed under these conditions 9.6, we will be liable for any loss or damage to such items in accordance with normal baggage.
18.3.5 due to our reasons, your checked baggage could not arrive with you on the same plane, which caused inconvenience to your journey and life. we will provide you with a temporary living goods compensation fee of rmb 100 as required.
18.3.6 for any damage caused to you or your baggage during transportation, we shall be liable in accordance with the relevant national limits of liability for domestic air transport carriers.
18.3.7 if your checked baggage is lost, we will calculate the compensation based on the actual weight of the baggage. if the weight of the baggage cannot be determined, we will pay the free baggage allowance listed on your ticket.
18.3.8 if your checked baggage is damaged, we will compensate or bear the cost of repairs in accordance with the reduced value of your baggage.
18.3.9 when you deliver your checked baggage, you specifically declare your benefits at the time of delivery at the destination and have paid a declared value surcharge, except that we prove that the amount you declare is greater than your actual benefits at the time of delivery of your checked baggage, we should take responsibility within the stated amount.
18.3.10 we will refund the excess baggage fee you have paid, but the surcharge for the declared value surcharge you have paid will not be refunded when processing your baggage compensation.

article 19 time limits for complaints
19.1 when the checked baggage is delivered, the holder of the baggage identification tag has accepted the checked baggage without objection, and it is the preliminary evidence that the checked baggage has been delivered in good condition and is consistent with the contract of transportation, unless you provide contrary evidence.
19.2 in the event of damage to your checked baggage, you shall notify us in writing as soon as you discover it, and you shall notify us no later than seven days from the date of acceptance of your checked baggage
19.3 if there is a delay in your checked baggage, you must submit your notice of claim to us within 21 days of the date on which the checked baggage was delivered to you.
19.4 if no objection is filed within the period specified in articles 19.2 and 19.3 of these conditions, your checked baggage shall be deemed to have been delivered in good condition, that is, all our obligations have been fulfilled.

article 20other conditions
20.1 to carry you and your baggage, you shall also comply with our other applicable rules and conditions. these rules are subject to change and are very important. these include regulations for the transportation of unaccompanied children, pregnant women, and injured passengers, restrictions on the use of electronic equipment, and regulations for drinking alcohol on board. for the above transportation regulations and conditions, please contact us.
20.2 the short headings under each clause in these conditions are for convenience only and are not used to explain the content of the clause.
20.3 these conditions apply to the laws of the people's republic of china.
20.4 these conditions are written in chinese and translated into english. when the chinese and english versions are inconsistent, the chinese version shall prevail.

article 21 effectiveness and modification
21.1 these conditions will take effect and come into effect on december 25, 2019. from the effective date, we announced the 鈥淕eneral conditions for domestic transportation of passengers and baggage of shandong airlines co., ltd.鈥?which was implemented on january 1, 2017 and will be abolished simultaneously.
21.2 we reserve the right to modify these conditions, transportation regulations, tariffs and charges without prior notice. such modifications do not apply to transportation that has already begun before the modification.



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