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shandong airlines group co., ltd. (hereafter referred to as 鈥淪handong airlines鈥? honored as 鈥淲ings of shandong鈥?is corporate group engaged in air transport-related business and a joint venture by nine shareholders including china international airlines, shandong finance investment group and so forth. headquartered in jinan, it was founded on mar. 12th, 1994 upon the approval of the national civil aviation administration, the party committee and government of shandong province. the shandong airlines co., ltd. controlled by shandong airlines group is its core company and a b-share market listed corporation at shenzhen stock exchange whose main business is air transport.

using ownership relation as a tie, a bunch of subsidiaries and branches controlled by shandong airlines group, namely shandong airlines co., ltd., taikoo (shandong) aircraft engineering co., ltd., shandong xiangyu aviation technology services co., ltd., shandong newair media group, shandong airline hotel management co., ltd., and so forth, have established the management pattern that鈥檚 led by transport service while expanding in our up- and down-stream businesses such as air transport, aircraft maintenance, aviation training, hotel tourism and advertising service.

over the past 24 years, shandong airlines has always made 鈥淧ursuing safety, benefits, punctuality and quality services鈥?its priority. up till now, it owns 131 boeing 737 airplanes as well as branch offices and aircraft bases in many places such as jinan, qingdao, yantai, xiamen, chongqing, beijing, urumchi, guiyang and so on. it now runs more than 200 domestic, international and regional air routes and over 3700 flights that fly to more than 80 large and medium-sized cities in china every week. it has also opened a regional air route to taiwan and a number of international air routes that fly to korea, japan, thailand, cambodia, india and so forth.

shandong airlines has already kept a 26-year long safe flight record and won the top honor prizes presented by the civil aviation administration of china, namely the 鈥淕olden goose cup鈥?and the 鈥淕olden eagle cup鈥? four times as well as the 鈥淭hree-star air safety award鈥?presented by caac in aug. 2017. it has been repeatedly rated as national-level 鈥淪ervice provider that customers are satisfied鈥?and 鈥淓nterprise of quality & benefits in china鈥? its rainbow crew, marketing department and jinan business office won the title of 鈥淣ational-level civilized unit鈥?by the central committee of the communist youth league of china and caac. from 2015 to 2017, shandong airlines (headquarter) was honored as 鈥淣ational-level civilized unit鈥?for three consecutive years. in 2017, shandong airlines won the 鈥淣ational quality award鈥? which made it the only airline company that had won such honor for caac for the first time in history.

shandong airlines鈥?鈥?3th five-year plan鈥?aims at expanding its fleet to 160 aircrafts, gradually shaping a more rational network layout, making its safety management more reliable, bringing its benefits and services up to some of the best in the industry, and quickening its pace of becoming a major airline company by 2020.

shandong airlines has always stuck to the principle of customer-orientation, improving its customer value and service experience as well as building a brand of quality service. ever since 2005, its on-time performance has always ranked highest in caac. it has won the title of 鈥淐hina鈥檚 top 500 most valuable brands鈥?for 11 consecutive years, and its brand value has reached 41.652 billion yuan and ranked 99th among the 500 brands. as the air service partner of the 11th national games of prc and the 3rd asian beach games, shandong airlines managed to provide both events with reliable air services and received extensive recognition from all sectors of the community. on dec. 3rd, 2012, shandong airlines became the global air service partner of the 2014 qingdao world horticultural exposition. on apr. 16th, 2013, it became the partner of the 10th china art festival throughout the entire course of the event. in 2015, it became the partner of the 2nd world leisure games. shandong airlines鈥?鈥淪handongluyan crew鈥?won the honorary title of 鈥淪tar crew of customer satisfaction鈥?that was jointly awarded by china association for quality, all china federation of trade unions and all-china women鈥檚 federation.

shandong airlines group has vigorously exercised its social responsibilities, successfully completed a bunch of difficult and urgent air transport tasks for earthquake relief and olympic games, which won it the title of 鈥淭eam of earthquake relief heroes of shandong province鈥?awarded by shandong people鈥檚 government, and its flight division was awarded the title of 鈥淧ioneer workers鈥?of earthquake relief and home rebuilding by all china federation of trade unions and its qingdao branch was given the title of 鈥淥utstanding air service team for beijing olympics & the paralympics鈥?

in recent years, shandong airlines group has been actively coping with market competition and challenge, quickened its pace of restructuring and actively implemented internal reform - especially ever since it established strategic partnership with air china, its profit level has been increasing by the year and its has been making profits for thirteen consecutive years since 2006.

guided by president xi jinping鈥檚 socialism with chinese characteristics for this new era, shandong airlines group will stick to carry forward the enterprise spirit of exploration and innovation, continue to sharpen its competitive edge in its core business department, expand its brand influence and service area radius, grow into a 鈥淪afe, harmonious, innovative and honest鈥?enterprise and achieve the goal of quality development.        

address: shandong airlines mansion, 5746 east 2nd ring-road, jinan       

zip code: 250014     

tel: 0531-85698666  

fax: 0531-85698668